Extended Background..

My husband and I have been ttc since Jan 2012. I have had 2 miscarriages, Dec. 2011 (6 weeks) and Nov. 2014 (4 weeks). After 2 years of trying, we began seeking medical help. After fighting for testing and the referral with military clinics, we found out I had a small polyp. They didn’t believe it was large enough to prevent pregnancy and I had that removed (maybe) May 2014.

By fall Oct. 2014, we discovered the issue was most likely male infertility. From 2014 to now in 2016, he has had varying uncontrollable T levels unless there was a lab mix up (280-800). He has had count vary extremely (<2-18mil/mL). He has had motility vary greatly (5-60%). So basically everything is erratic over the years.

After moving to Alaska, he consulted a new physician because of a lump he found above his testicle. It’s a stone in his spermatic cord. If may still be a blockage and we have no way to know with a vasogram. He recieved a second urologist that agreed that clomid was at least worth an opportunity as from moving here Nov. 2015 through Jan. 2016 his T (low 300s), count (5-9mil/mL), and motility (50-60%) seemed to have stabilized.

Second week of January 2016, he started taking clomid 25mg 25 days on/5 days off. By end of April it was confirmed his T did indeed increase, I believe to 700s but sperm had not increased in any manner.

In May/June we did a cycle of IUI and we had a horrible experience with the office. They botched my bloodwork, charged me for it anyway even though they said they wouldn’t, they didn’t properly monitor my blood levels, left his sperm sit in the incubator for 2 hours, lied about being able to give us sperm pre and post wash numbers before the IUI and so on. So we decided no more IUIs in Alaska. They also did not follow insurance protocols and now I’m stuck having to pay for a SIS that I shouldn’t need to pay for. We will save for IVF w/ICSI to do once we leave Alaska. We’ve wasted enough at thier office.

Now August, he has been on clomid 7 full months. He has a check up with the urologist and by the end of August we should know if his sperm has improved.