Discussing female stuff!

This is not exactly growing family related. It is about periods! So if you can’t handle talking or reading about aunt flow, I suggest to stop reading here!

Many years ago, I stopped taking birth control. Like over 5 years ago, I stopped Depo Provera injections. While on it for almost 2 years, I gained weight, terrible mood swings, and worst of all developed an extremely heavy period and lots of cramping. So I’ve been combating extreme aunt flow for quite a few years. There is nothing wrong with me fertility wise. I develop a perfect lining every month, my body just rapidly expels the fluid. The worst part is, the blood clots. I often have very large clots and have spoken to the doctors many times about it. They have always said, “It’s ok”. My clots are often the size of a half dollar. That’s not ok.. Luckily over time the terrible cramps though have gone away. The first 3 days I normally double up on pads and tampons. If you are a heavy flow girl.. I understand your pain. Also every cycle, I develop irritation in my urethra, I believe from the tampons and pads. It’s every cycle like clockwork. I often have a UTI after my period.

Recently I stumbled across menstrual cups like diva and lunette (?). I searched and searched thinking, “No! That’s crazy. I’m not going to put a cup up there.” Yet here I am. I had so many questions.. 

How much blood do I really lose? 

Is it actually a heavy flow or am I crazy?

Could tampons be causing my blood clots?

Could the tampons or pads be causing my AF related UTIs and irritation?

Are there really chemicals in tampons and pads? Do we absorb them? (This I still don’t have a straight answer to so I’m rolling with yes, since materials are often treated with chemicals.)

How the fudge pops am I going to get it out?

Finally after my last cycle I figured.. Why not try it? So I bought the diva cup for  $22, size 1 pre-birth, as I’ve never given birth and I am under 30. I got my period a few days later so it came just in time, thank you amazon. I read alot of the ins and outs online and scoped out youtube for all the tips I could find as well. Like rotate the cup to check the seal, different fold types, cleaning, removal and so on. My own tip is… keep short nails!

I’m finishing up day 3, I have lost/counted 47.5mL of fluid lost. That’s not exactly heavy but it is higher then what some doctors may consider normal. Also I’m only on day 3 as I said BUT it’s almost the end of the day and my cup has had nothing in it for 6 hours. I haven’t had a single blood clot these 3 days either. Not one. My guess is the tampons were making them, by drying all of the liquid (including natural non-blood vajayjay fluids) leaving what’s left to coagulate and form those very large clots. I also have only had one day of irritation. That was after my use of a tampon because I was going out for the day and didn’t trust in the cup. Once it was time to change the tampon, I put back in the diva cup. Anything leak wise was because either I had just put the diva cup in or it was because it was full. It’s only been 3 days, but I don’t think I could ever go back to pad and tampons again. I’ll still use panty liners but pair them with my diva cup!