Decisions.. Decisions..

My husbands urologist still has not returned my husbands 3 calls. Unfortunately he can’t get time off to physically go there. So I have a feeling I’ll have to call and raise heck to get somewhere. Sometimes he’s just too blah about things. He needs to bring out the anger. One last SA shouldn’t be so damn hard to do!

We decided that we will turn to adoption first rather than IVF w/ICSI. After all it has a 40-60% chance of success and is costly. We are still young and in our mid-late 20s with male infertility only. No female family infertility. I’ve been checked so many times and many women in my family have had children naturally through thier 30s. 

We are currently foster parents and in the foster to adopt program. It’s been very exhausting and emotional. We do not believe this will currently progress further. It might happen but it is unlikely. Hubby has always wanted to adopt a special needs child but we both recognize we know, we are not ready yet for very moderate to severe medical issues. I think it shows great strength and understanding when you know you aren’t ready. After we’ve gone through that, we may return to fostering. 

We’re going to press onward with international adoption. I have always wanted to adopt internationally.We believe we will adopt from Thailand or Vietnam. Hubby is Vietnamese, maybe that will help with connection. Unlike most American couples, we’re not looking to “whitewash” a child. We may even choose to keep thier orginal name vs an Americanized one. We want culture and diversity within our family. We want to learn the language and traditions and and going to start learning after hubby and I have sign language down pat. We want to be world travels with our little one(s). After all, what’s life without exploration!

I start working in two days. I’m very excited!! I look at this with an end insight to add to our family, rather than I’m working for a moderate chance to birth a child (we do not fully trust in IVF). My husband will be 25 next year and we will find out where we are moving next, end of next year. So the game plan is to save, travel reasonably, and pay off credit debts. If we focus, we can afford all of international adoption before we leave Alaska for his new assignment!! Hopefully we will be able to apply for grants, awards and fundraisers along the way. 


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