Working on losing weight

Hubby and I have been working on losing weight. Preparing for our Hawaii trip and IVF w/ICSI. 

Last week hubby weighed 189. He is losing weight fast. I told him he would. He’s very active. He’s military, constantly working. He has a fitbit now and 3 days in a row he has 20K+ steps. Thats without much effort. I’m no competetion!

I always vary, sometimes greatly, so I go by inches. I just got my new fitbit so I’m still trying to balance things out. Plus I’m still recovering from surgery. I’m 2 month post op from a massive hemmoriodectomy and still not healed fully. I’ve improved a great deal! But I’m still hindered. End of this month, I take my 2 months after surgery, and starting to crack down more on fitness. It’s been hard since for 4 weeks, I couldn’t get out of bed. My goal is 140-150 overall but I’m looking for inches lost then focusing on strength building. So here’s my before!


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