Urologist Check Up

His urologist appointment was today. The first thing they did was.. 

Guess what?

Draw blood!

*eye roll* 

So after discussing it with the Urologist, he agreed if the count hasn’t gone up and hubby is starting to feel unwell, then it’s time to stop using clomid to attempt to treat his male infertility. We all believe IVF w/ICSI may be our best treatment. We’re continuing on with saving for IVF w/ICSI but placing it into the back of our minds for now. The doctor told us he knows people who can get us in for trials to make it cheaper, and to let him know when we’re ready, but it’s a flight across country. We will see where we will be led next. 

We will still not use any protection and keep up with our wellness plans. He will have a semen analysis sometime next week. I will post those results and anything else I get in time. I’ll answer an questions if someone has them! He has been on clomid for 7 months now, so we have a good idea of the process.


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